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Postdoctoral scholarship in Electrochemical measurements of vesicle loading and trafficking

Nyhet: 2018-02-09

The Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, offers a post-doctoral scholarship in electrochemical measurements of vesicle loading and trafficking.

The scholarship holder will work on a project to a state-of-the-art set of quantification and imaging methods to study nanometer cellular vesicle loading, storage, and trafficking and to use this to search for a unified concept relating cellular degeneration and malfunction across various diseases. We are unique with our combined capabilities to measure the chemistry and structure of nanometer vesicular structures, both statically and dynamically, with nanoelectrochemistry, NanoSIMS, and stimulated emission depletion (STED) superresolution microscopy.

Dnr E 2018/93

Scholarship period: The scholarship covers a period of 24 months in total.

Preliminary start date: 2018-07-01

Supervisor/contact person: Andrew Ewing, +46 (0)761172293, andrewe@chem.gu.se

• To be eligible for a post-doc scholarship at the recipient must hold a PhD degree within a relevant field. The applicant must not have been employed at University of Gothenburg in the past two years.
• Applications for this scholarship need to have experience with designing functional biosensors and in vitro drug screening via ultrasensitive analysis. developing universal ratiometric photoelectrochemical bioassays, self-enhanced photoelectrochemical bioassays, and wavelength-resolved photoelectrochemical biosensors for multiparameter detection at single interfaces, bioassays on drug-treated cell models for monitoring drug efficiency with the cancer biomarkers, and in vitro drug screening based on photoelectrochemical monitoring at multiple cell apoptosis indicators for living cells.
Written application, including reference number, is to be sent via e-mail to the supervisor and must include the following:
• CV
• Personal letter stating the reasons why the study suits the applicant (maximum one page)
• List of publications
• References (2)

Application deadline: 2018-03-04

Information regarding scholarships:
• Scholarships do not give rise to sickness benefits, compensation from the Social Insurance Office or retirement pension.
• The scholarship sum is paid out quarterly
• Scholarships are tax-exempt
• A scholarship holder cannot be hired after the scholarship period due to tax reasons.


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