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Fundamental chemistry at CMB involves research teams in physical chemistry, electrochemistry, and inorganic chemistry.

The physical chemistry constellation works broadly and has earned an international reputation for its theoretical research, particularly in statistical mechanics with focus on liquid state theory. This includes the proper and self-consistent treatment of electrolyte systems. Another focus is quantum dynamics and its interface to classical dynamics and recent applications to astro-chemistry. A further area of focus is colloid and interface science with emphasis on solid-particle suspensions. The physical chemistry constellation also includes computational biophysical chemistry that uses theoretical approaches to study interactions and phenomena in systems of biological relevance, in particular related to medicinal chemistry.

The electrochemistry and inorganic constellations at CMB are closely related and span different areas such as fundamental theoretical studies of ion-ion interaction, surface charging of nanoparticles, reaction mechanisms for electrocatalysis and electron transfer of transition metal complexes. Theoretical studies are strongly coupled to experimental activities such as oxygen reduction, epoxidation of alkenes, electrochemical properties of surface bound transition metal complexes, electrochemical induced deposition of oxides and hydroxides, surface complexation and solid state conduction.

Sidansvarig: Katleen Burm|Sidan uppdaterades: 2013-09-23

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